i love starbucks i really do!  But whenever i have any it seems as though i get sick the next day.. . Could it be im dehydrated due to the coffee? or perhaps i ts just too much  caffiene for me too handle. i dont even know..


I-I-I dont wanna hear you say your sorry now!

Normally I’d be all like HAAAAAAAAIIIIIII 🙂 but currently its more like mreeeeeeeeehhhh. I’m tired, and cranky…ish. and perchance im just turnming.. NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!. yup. I redyed my hair last night, and thats the last time im dying my hair for a while.  I think im gonna let all the hair dye grow out and have my hair be natural? yeah thats right you heard me. no more blue, no more purpleish, no more red. just plain old jasmine hair colour. A darkish brown colour….  or perhaps ill just get muy hair all dyed the same colour brown as the rewst of my hair, then when it grows out it wont be so nastaaayyy. 🙂 yeah 🙂  😦 sad to see the colour go, but i need a change… im still keepin my hair short tho.

:) :( ~_~ *_* -_- O.o xP xD Dx **~~~confusion~~~**

im happy yet im sad. i dont know how to feel. maybe i dont want to feel anything at all. maybe im going crazy…. what can i say? what can i think? what can i do to make things make sense? what is going on in my head………..

Daddy to the rescue :)

some serious stuff went on today. I lost my phone this morning as you know, but then when i tore apart my room after my dentist appointment to search for it, i still couldn’t find it. i was reaaaally upset. then my wonderful daddy helped me look, and he found it <3. i cant say thanks enough to him. ❤ Love you Daddy!!! ❤

My bedroom floor has ate my cellphone

kay, so i fell asleep last night with my cellphone in my hands last night.  i woke up this morning, and i couldnt find it o.O im pretty sure my bedroom floor ate it.. looks like im cleaning my room tonite :/ yaaaaaay


Kay so the whole reason this blogging thing started was wayy lame. and now im done what was needed to be done. dont think ill keep up blogging. facebook was invented for a reason.

Song Lyrics Mix

Close your eyes little girl

Your a princess now, you own this wolrd

Twirling in your twirling dress

You’re lovliest, far above the rest…

Close you eyes pretty girl

Cause its easier if you brace yourself

Set your thoughts on worlds far off

Where we only cry from joy….

Oh lovely and beautiful, precious and priceless

Your so much more than you know, heart of the purest gold,

Pure, clean, and white as snow clothes in such splendor

Oh what a beauty for me…

Set apart this dream for me?

Tiny heart, stuck inside your self,

When will you op0en up for me?…

If you choose me im waiting for you…..

Always waiting.

Did they tell you, you should grow up

when you wanted to dream?

Did they warn you better shape up, if you want to succeed?

i dont know bout you, who are they talking to?

cause there not talking to me.

Set apart this dream- Flyleaf

Tiny Heart- Flyleaf

Twilight Galaxy- Metric

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