Song Lyrics Mix

Close your eyes little girl

Your a princess now, you own this wolrd

Twirling in your twirling dress

You’re lovliest, far above the rest…

Close you eyes pretty girl

Cause its easier if you brace yourself

Set your thoughts on worlds far off

Where we only cry from joy….

Oh lovely and beautiful, precious and priceless

Your so much more than you know, heart of the purest gold,

Pure, clean, and white as snow clothes in such splendor

Oh what a beauty for me…

Set apart this dream for me?

Tiny heart, stuck inside your self,

When will you op0en up for me?…

If you choose me im waiting for you…..

Always waiting.

Did they tell you, you should grow up

when you wanted to dream?

Did they warn you better shape up, if you want to succeed?

i dont know bout you, who are they talking to?

cause there not talking to me.

Set apart this dream- Flyleaf

Tiny Heart- Flyleaf

Twilight Galaxy- Metric


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