I-I-I dont wanna hear you say your sorry now!

Normally I’d be all like HAAAAAAAAIIIIIII 🙂 but currently its more like mreeeeeeeeehhhh. I’m tired, and cranky…ish. and perchance im just turnming.. NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!. yup. I redyed my hair last night, and thats the last time im dying my hair for a while.  I think im gonna let all the hair dye grow out and have my hair be natural? yeah thats right you heard me. no more blue, no more purpleish, no more red. just plain old jasmine hair colour. A darkish brown colour….  or perhaps ill just get muy hair all dyed the same colour brown as the rewst of my hair, then when it grows out it wont be so nastaaayyy. 🙂 yeah 🙂  😦 sad to see the colour go, but i need a change… im still keepin my hair short tho.


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